Will a Royal Savior Rescue This Half-Completed Castle in Pennsylvania?



The saying “your home is your castle” is normally just a figure of speech. But if you’re in the real estate market in eastern Pennsylvania, now’s your chance to make it literal.

For a reduced asking price of $1.7 million, you could be the next monarch of this unfinished castle in Lehighton, PA. The 15,000-square-foot structure sits atop a small hill perfect for overseeing your domain and the nearby lake.

We previously featured the property in a roundup of available castles over a year ago, when the asking price was close to $3 million. The owner originally intended to live in the home, but is selling the property due to family concerns.

However, he plans to keep working on the property until it’s sold and will include blueprints for the next owner. The price could still change depending on how much additional work is done by the time it’s sold.

While the exterior is finished, the interior of the planned five-bedroom home is still a concrete shell.

Listing agent Mary Ann Pastore estimates it will cost around $2 million to “finish it as it deserves to be finished.” Currently, it features a multitude of windows and turrets, and a wraparound balcony overlooks the surrounding forests and lake.

Inside the castle
Unfinished interior


The owner modeled the home after the New Castle of Manzanares el Real, also known as the Castle of los Mendoza. Located north of Madrid, it’s considered one of the best-preserved castles in the region. After identifying his inspiration, he traveled around the world looking for the right place to build his own version and landed in Carbon County.

Pastore describes the area as “a big kid’s playground.” Residents can travel to multiple nearby major cities within 90 minutes, as well as enjoy historic and outdoor attractions in the nearby Poconos and surrounding areas.

Empty interior space
Additional interior space


“This is one of a kind,” says Pastore. “We do have a lot of buyers from out of the country who want something nobody else has, and nobody has anything like this in the area.”

Pastore imagines most potential buyers will want to use the property as their vacation home, but there’s nothing stopping you from feeling like royalty year-round. Radiant heat has been installed throughout the property—including the balcony, so you’ll stay warm as you survey your lands.

“There’s nothing like it, I don’t think, in the United States,” Pastore says. “There’s other castles that are all unique in their own way, but there are no brand-new castles.”

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