‘Help, I Have House Envy!’: How to Cope When Everyone’s Home Is Nicer Than Yours

Grafner/iStock You know that moment when you first set foot in a friend’s or a neighbor’s home—and it’s so gorgeous, the mere thought of returning to your cramped, messy, oh-so-humble abode makes you hate your life? Welcome to house envy. We’ve all been there. In case it makes you feel any better, no one—not even the proud owner of that […]

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7 Questions to Ask at an Open House That Uncover the Truth, Warts and All

vtwinpixel/iStock Open houses are undeniably a fun way to ooh and ahh over property that could be yours. Still, once you’re done staring up at those high ceilings and peeking into walk-in closets, you should also try to get beyond the surface appearance of the place and take the golden opportunity to gather some valuable information. In case you’re stumped […]

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Avoid These 6 Deplorable Curb Appeal Decisions If You Want to Sell Your Home

Joffre Essley/Flickr CC It’s difficult to put a dollar value on your curb appeal. No one can quite agree on exactly what you’ll get for slaving away in the front yard a few weekends before you put your home up for sale. Some estimates claim that a well-landscaped lawn could increase the value of your home […]

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