How to Clean Dryer Vents (and What Can Happen If You Don’t)

JodiJacobson/iStock If your clothes take forever and a day to dry, it might be high time you learned how to clean the dryer vents. Ask yourself, honestly, when was the last time you did it. Maybe never? No, we’re not talking about the screen inside the dryer. We’re talking about the silver tube that carries all that hot, wet air outside. These vents can […]

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Free the Weekend: 5 Household Chores You Can Totally Skip

Tetra Images/Getty Images Ah, the weekend. So full of hope and promise! The hours you’ll have just to binge on Netflix, hang out with friends, try that complicated soufflé you saw on “The Great British Baking Show.” It will be glorious. That is until Friday night, when you inevitably realize that weekends are only 48 […]

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