Buying a Flipped House? Ask These 6 Questions First

tostphoto/iStock If you’ve ever binge-watched HGTV, you may already have caught the home-flipping bug. The whole thing sounds so seductive: Buy a fixer-upper at a bargain price, renovate it fast, and sell. Doing so can be lucrative: According to RealtyTrac, the average flipped home in the U.S. is bought for $129,200 and turned around for $190,000. And […]

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‘First Time Flippers’: Forget the House, Will This Marriage Survive?

DIY Network “First Time Flippers” is riveting reality TV because, let’s face it, renovating is tough on the people doing the renovating, as well as the house. And if those house flippers are married? Heaven help them. At least, that’s the take-home message we get from the latest episode of this DIY Network show. In the episode […]

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‘First Time Flippers’: Watch These Rookies Make the Darnedest Mistakes

OliverChilds/iStock; DIY Network; “First Time Flippers” is train-wreck reality TV at its finest: The DIY Network show, which recently aired its Season 5 premiere, features real-life rookie house flippers as they fumble their way through. The results? Well, let’s just let the actions of Liz and Ray speak for themselves. In the “Don’t Quit on a Sand Pit” […]

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