California Wildfires: Housing Markets Will Likely Feel Devastating Effects for Years

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Late Sunday evening, Russel Lee was relaxing on his deck in Santa Ana, CA, drinking a glass of wine. Then he smelled the smoke. He checked the local police scanner app on his phone and learned that wildfires blazing out of control were moving in on his four-bedroom townhouse in Southern California’s Orange County. […]

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How to Install Fire Sprinklers: The Fastest Way to Put Out a Fire

Don Farrall/Getty Images What puts out a fire? If you said firefighters, you aren’t exactly wrong, but it could take a while for your rescuers to arrive—which may explain why house fires kill more than 2,500 people each year and damage $7 billion in property. There’s actually a far more effective way to put out fires, and it involves learning […]

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