‘Breaking Bad’ Bummer: Why You’d Hate Owning Walter White’s House

Steve Snowden/Getty Images “Breaking Bad” superfans may soon go into withdrawal as the home of their antihero, Walter White, gets a whole lot harder to see. That’s because the Albuquerque, NM, house that served as the chemistry teacher-turned-meth king’s residence on the beloved TV series has been overrun by so many unruly visitors, the house’s actual inhabitant has decided to build a fence around the […]

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After 4 Years on the Market, ‘Money Pit’ Mansion Still Looking for Bold Buyer

realtor.com The 1986 film “The Money Pit” still serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of buying a dirt-cheap, dilapidated fixer-upper. While the movie has faded from memory, the central concept still resonates with home buyers. Over 30 years ago, exterior shots of the infamous big-screen residence were portrayed by a mansion in New York […]

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Make a Splash in the $25M Mansion Where Infamous ‘Dynasty’ Catfight Took Place

realtor.com There are epic TV scenes, and then there are epic TV scenes. In the latter category, we take you back to the memorable lily pond catfight on ’80s soap “Dynasty.” It’s a classic piece of over-the-top drama—some might call it cheese—which has stood the test of time. For those who weren’t sentient in the 1980s or were busy watching sitcoms, […]

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