Is Wearing Shoes Inside a Home (or on a Couch in the White House) Rude?

brittak/iStock Poor Kellyanne Conway—she seems to inspire heated debate every time she leaves the house these days. The latest kerfuffle for the counselor to President Donald Trump came during an Oval Office  meeting of the Historic Black Colleges and Universities, when she was photographed in a compromising position—namely, with her shoes up on the couch. Did […]

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Ikea Now Has a ‘Housewarming Registry.’ Is It a Great Thing or a Tacky Thing?

AzmanL/iStock; If you’ve bought a home recently, odds are you’re eager to celebrate. It’s time to throw a housewarming party! Yet beware of hopping on a tacky new trend that goes hand in hand with these events: setting up a housewarming registry. You’re probably familiar with registries for weddings and baby showers, where etiquette deems you […]

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