Swap Out These 7 Things in Your House for a New Lease on Life

Freer Law/iStock You just can’t overestimate the effect your home can have on your mood. After all, it’s where you try to relax after work, and to get jazzed up for a new day. But some surprising things in it might actually be bringing you down, without your realizing it. Fortunately, a few quick fixes […]

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How to Clean Dryer Vents (and What Can Happen If You Don’t)

JodiJacobson/iStock If your clothes take forever and a day to dry, it might be high time you learned how to clean the dryer vents. Ask yourself, honestly, when was the last time you did it. Maybe never? No, we’re not talking about the screen inside the dryer. We’re talking about the silver tube that carries all that hot, wet air outside. These vents can […]

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