Reflect on This: 3 Things You Should Never Do With Mirrors—and 5 Things You Should

Terraxplorer/iStock In the world of home decor, mirrors can be a magical design tool. They can brighten a dark room. They can make a tiny space look much bigger. And they can add an affordable touch of glamour to even the most ordinary of spaces. But you shouldn’t hang mirrors just anywhere. Decorating with mirrors comes with […]

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The Best of the Best Home Remodels and Gardens—Take a Look!

So you’re eager to remodel your home and landscape your yard. In fact, you’re chomping at the bit to rip out those 1970s-era, harvest gold–colored bathroom tiles, or maybe tame the wild, thorny jungle that is your backyard. Those looking for inspiration can check out the winners of and‘s annual Considered Design Awards. ( and […]

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