Well-Preserved in L.A., the Schustack Residence Is a Mid-Century Marvel

realtor.com Just up the street from Hollywood Boulevard, there’s a Los Angeles home that’s a true throwback to a different era. Built in 1957 and retaining many of its original elements, the home’s facade stands defiant in the face of its contemporary neighbors and the modern steel skyscrapers off in the distance. Listed for $3.5 million […]

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What Is a Storybook House? A Home Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Houzz What is a storybook house? It’s a quaint style of architecture known for its cottage-inspired sloping roof, turret, and other fanciful features. Also called fairy-tale homes, they essentially look like a family of elves or maybe Snow White herself would answer the door if you knocked. Although these houses evoke visions of the European countryside, this […]

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Architects’ Delight: Eco-Friendly, Beautiful, and (Sort of) Affordable Homes

Blue Lake Retreat/Andrew Pogue Looking for a stunning, eco-friendly new home that marries indoor and outdoor living … and is still (somewhat) affordable? Don’t laugh! It’s actually possible. As proof, check out the American Institute of Architects’ newly named 2017 Housing Award winners. These architectural overachievers offer a respite from the standard cookie-cutter new homes. They […]

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